Flaro offers a comprehensive range of specific services and is at your service for any additional information on products, services and production capacities.

Injection Moulding

Processing by injecting plastics for automotive and electrotechnical industry, for the domestic and foreign market of stationery and household items. Thermosetting injection/pressing for the electrotechnical industry.

Machines: Arburg, Engel.
Injection force: 25 to 250 tons
Injection capacity: up to 500 g

Metal stamping and bending

Cold stamping and bending of metal and non-metal bars, metal sheets, strips and wires, including heat treatment.

Equipment: automatic presses, such as Beutler, EBU or Bruderer presses, eccentric presses, Muller, Finzer.

Force: 16 to 75 tons; Table sizes: 225x300 - 800x620 mm
Travel lead: 8 -140 mm; Distance between bars: 400 mm

Metal plating

Services: zinc, nickel, copper plating, tin, copper- nickel, nickel-tin plating, copper passivation, passivation of stainless steel parts.

Metal plating of small metal parts using electro-chemical methods.
Measuring the thickness of metal layers with the help of a Fisher couloscope.

Professional manual assembly

professional Manual and semi-automatic assembly of plastic and metal components with a high degree of complexity.

CNC turning

Precision machining of metal parts.

Equipment: CNC lathe Traub TNL 12
  • possibility of processing parts with a diameter up to 13 mm
  • possibility of simultaneous processing of products, on the front and rear

PVC sheet welding


High frequency welding of PVC sheets with thicknesses between 0.07 – 2 mm, resulting in special stationery products