Injection moulding

Servicii-injectie-mase-plastice FlaroFollowing plastic injection activities, finished products are obtained used in the following areas:

  • Electronic and electro-technical (connectors and electromagnet components, other parts used in electrical assemblies).
  • Household electronic appliances (plugs, multiple sockets, switches, diverters, etc)
  • Automotive (electromagnets, connectors, lighting system components of motor vehicles, s door lock system part, braking system part, other parts of motor vehicles).
  • Household items and stationery made by Flaro, areas in which we intend to occupy a very good position, both in Romania, as well as abroad (school items and office items, household products).

We use an very wide range of plastics: PS, PAS, ABS, PP, PE, PA, PBT, PC, PC/ABS, PPS, PPA, Bakelite, Urochem, BMC.

Our goal is to be at the top of the favourite suppliers in the areas addressed.

Plastics processing activities are conducted on a total area of ​​6,500 square meters, of which:

  • completely renovated production premises having an area of 5,400 sqm
  • warehouses having an area of 936 sqm
  • offices having an area of 164 sqm

The performances of the technical equipment can be summarized by the characteristics of the 28 injection machines, including:

  • ARBURG injection machines (injection force between 25 and 250 tons; injection capacity up to 500 grams;
  • ENGEL injection machine e-max 200/100; force of 100 tons injection, injection capacity of 59 grams;

The modern technical equipment is complemented by peripherals specific to injection processes and by measurement and control equipment and industrial robots (T-800 III E), in charge of taking over moulded parts from the mould and placing them on the conveyor belt or straight into packages.

Some of our customers are: Delphi, Firstronic, CML, Emerson, Harting, Kuhnke-Kendrion, Eaton,Vimar, Delipro, Cooper Industries, Romanelec, RTC, Herlitz etc.